Treasures under the tents

Today might as well have been 2009 because where did the girls and I find ourselves? At a vintage junk sale.

Unbelievably, my two treasure hunters don't remember how I would haul them to Farm Chicks sales in Spokane back in the late aughts. (Here's an oldie but a goodie.) It seems like yesterday mini Magpie and baby Bo were prancing around funky junk sales, getting sucked in by a color scheme.

vintage sale penny carnival.jpg

Fast forward almost a decade and now they're spending their own money on bedside tables and purses and grabbing cookies off the hospitality table (OK, that last part hasn't changed).

farm cookies.jpg

I didn't meet the hardworking women behind The Lavender House, which hosted today's Treasures Under the Tents sale, but apparently they baked 1,200 cookies from scratch for us hungry shoppers. Thank you, Karen and Kim.

farmhouse cookies.jpg

I definitely found some treasures today, but I wouldn't say we're going for a "farmhouse look" in the, um, farmhouse. I appreciate that style, but I think to be true to it you have to be willing to fill your home with more paraphernalia than I can commit to. (Sorry. "To which I can commit" ... please see previous post about perfect being the enemy of good ... grammar might go out the window here sometimes ... or often.)

I hesitate to label the look we hope our new house will have. Modern farmhouse? Nordic farmhouse? Scandinavian? How about just home?

Speaking of Scandinavian, though, we have a new friend on the farm. A gorgeous grey barn cat has been frequenting our porch in search of back scratches and ear rubs. Guys, we are not cat people. Three-fourths of us are allergic to them. But we're all a little in love with this beauty, and she's welcome to all the mice she wants.

grey cat.png

The second night she started coming around, J joked that we should keep her because she matched the color palette we're aiming for in the house (grey, black, white, wood).

"So should we name her Scandinavian Cat?" I joked. 

"Scandi Cat" stuck and the next day we had a bag of kibble in our grocery cart.


At the vintage sale today, I bought her a pot of catnip. It's OK. Such things are legal in Washington now.




Here are some more images from today's Treasures Under the Tent sale. It continues tomorrow if you're local and is well worth the short trip to Lynden. 

This first shot might have been taken at Mishal Rowley's booth. Magpie bought a purse from her. It's lovely.

treasures under the tent 1.jpg

It's an absolute crime that I did not buy this Peggy duffel (And ... Peggy):

And Peggy.jpg

Here goes that color scheme again, sucking me back in ...

Treasures under the tents 2.jpg

This shop was inside a school bus:



2girls and a bus.jpg

It's called 2 Girls and a Bus. Makes sense.

Vintage Goods and More reminded me a bit of a favorite shop of mine on Martha's Vineyard:

Vintage goods and more.jpg

There was much, much more, but Scandi Cat isn't the only one getting a medicinal herb tonight. Time for me to retire with something minty. 


(I'm cracking up that my drink is in one of our fancy glasses. Our belongings are still rumbling down a highway somewhere in America. These had been in storage while we were living in Cambridge.)