Farmhouse breakfast

There's no doubt that one of the best parts of living on some property is eating off that property.

We do not envision one day becoming homesteaders. The Trader Joe's frozen food section will always hold a special place in my heart--and in my freezer. But there's nothing like spending two minutes at the blackberry bush and coming back inside with this:


A day doesn't go by when I don't eat at least one apple from our orchard, and the pear trees are heavy with fruit right now. I'll probably regret saying this in a month or two, but I cannot wait for those to ripen. Also coming soon: grapes, peaches, and plums. The raspberries are done for the year.

We had to say goodbye to our temporary hens last week (they belonged to the previous owners) but we have a new flock joining us Saturday. I know the research goes back and forth on the health benefits (or detriments) of eggs. I usually go to Dr. Greger at for health information, and he's definitely in the don't-eat-eggs camp. I can't help having one or two a week, though. I often use chia "eggs" in recipes and I do like a tofu scramble, but there's nothing like sopping up a runny egg yolk with a crusty piece of toast.

My typical breakfast, however, looks like this:


Oatmeal + flax + chia seeds + peanut butter + berries = perfection.

I'm also really digging this chai tea from Blue Lotus Chai in Eugene, Oregon. I heat up a half a mug of water with a tiny spoonful of the chai powder (our measuring spoons are still in the moving truck, which is perhaps in Wyoming by now). Then I add some almond milk, warm that up a bit, and finally stir in a bit of honey. 

IMG_2558 (1).jpg

If my Vitamix were here (sigh), I'd be drinking green smoothies, which is something I can't do during the school year. Teachers are required to have bladders of steel but a green smoothie will challenge even the most veteran teacher's powers. 

I have been a coffee drinker for 20+ years, but in the past few months I've only had a few cups of it. This is mostly because I am lazy. J left Cambridge in early April to start his new job here in Washington, so the girls and I were alone for a few months. Without someone else brewing it every other day, it just wasn't worth the effort. Everyone rolls their eyes when I say, "I don't really drink coffee anymore," and I don't blame them. But honestly, I think my skin is a little brighter and I have more even energy throughout the day, which is a good thing when there are farm chores to be done.

chicken coop.jpg

FYI, picking blackberries is way more fun than cleaning out the chicken coop. At least I passed Scandi Cat's inspection.