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You killed a bird!
Like the idea of a circle, maybe you should make a moat then you can float some lillies and have that strapping husband of yours build a bridge for the tots to cross.


Funny that you say that. Bo calls the patch of grass an island. She keeps making me throw her an imaginary rope, which I then use to pull her to safety. "You saved me!" she says. "Again?"
Hmmm ... strapping husband just built a fence, so maybe he has some leftover wood for a bridge. Good idea.
And, I know, I know. I got teary when I took the shovel to the little guy. But it had to be done. It wasn't pretty.
Thanks for reading, B.

Graphics Matrox

You have explained it to Bo the right way.

Seems at an early age she already know how to love animals.

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