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Mimi, I'm such a dork that if I can get a handmade card out then I am very proud of myself! How about a little handmade book of instructions and photos for some of your favorite projects and the supplies for a few of them? I'm a book fan, so I always seem to gravitate towards Borders to pick out some literary genius like Shel Silverstein! Not exactly the kind of idea you are looking for!


Love it, Nis. That's a great idea. We're book fans, too, so when time is short I usually grab one or two of our favorites. Lately that has been "Leonardo the Terrible Monster" and "Knuffle Bunny Too," both by Mo Willems. A friend gave them to the girls last winter and I love them as much as they do.
Now I'm remembering one Christmas when J and I were pretty broke so we had a very limited budget for each other's gifts. One thing he "bought" me was a tote bag full of books he'd checked out from the library that he thought I'd like. Sure, I had to return them three weeks later, but it was so fun to see what he thought I'd enjoy.


My daugther and I made a drawstring bag and filled it with glassbeads....
I love the pillows in the photo :-)
I've also made regdolls with little quilted sleppingbags, wooden building blocks etc... It's lots of fun, and a great idea :-)

Gift Ideas

WOW! Those are really fantastic.


Hi Megan! Ever since I started making baby gifts the one thing I get the most requests for are felt books. You can see photos of them on my flickr page.

I really enjoy making these. Since I do them like anagrams they're not only fun for little ones they're a good keepsake for later years and so easy to make.


Love the Martha Stewart pillow project. I'm certainly going to try that. But when I'm not feeling crafty, I prefer giving something simple and meaningful - like sending a personalized letter using a service such as that provided by http://www.highprincess.com.

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