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Dancia Foland

Hello, I am London's Mommy and I just wanted to let everyone know that this gift was a big hit! It wasn’t until the next morning when all the craziness wore off that London found it in a big stack of stuff. He also noticed the big "L" on the front and thought that was pretty cool. He proceeded to carry it around with him all morning long and even took it to the Home Depot for a quick errand. Much thanks to Megan for all the love and creativity it took to make this! It is good to have a friend like you ;-)


How great, Danica! I'm so glad he likes it. London is such a sweet pea--I loved how he came around and kissed everyone and said thank you after opening presents. It was quite a smacker of a kiss, too!
We love you guys. Thanks for the fun party. As we drove away, Bo asked if we could do it all again tomorrow.

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