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Carolyn L.

Cute idea, Megan. I am, however, cracking up at your naming lament. See, my daughter comes up with names that are challenging enough to pronounce and remember, let alone spell. Her baby doll is named Hahmi (or Hami). All Volkswagen Bugs - except the dark blue ones, which are Mary, and the red ones, which are Lightning - are named Sa. Every airplane that flies over our house? Nardent. Any giraffes are called Tametsa. I'd love to have to remember a name such as "Giraffe."


I don't know her yet, but I love her already, Carolyn. What a nut.
I made Bo a clothespin doll tonight with long brown hair and red lips (so it obviously looked like a woman). I asked her what the doll's name was and she said, "Mommy."

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