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I would paint the waincoting the same color as the walls and buy a light fixture at Home Depot or a second hand store.


Is this the same Johnny with expertise in kitchen remodels? ;)
So paint the wainscoting, don't rip it out? What about the window frame? Should I paint that white, too? The walls are white, by the way, not yellow like they look here. BM Navajo white.


Either paint, or.... go to IKEA and buy a sink cabinet and a new sink. You should be able to get that for app $200-250. Maybe that's a bit much, but having a 3-year old myself, I can only imagine the troubles that sink can cause!


Yep, it's the same guy, but now with expertise in popcorn ceiling removal and basement remodeling.
Ideally I would remove the wainscoting, but then you would need to involve dry wallers, so the cost would go up. I would paint the window frame too, so the nice marble floor would pop.


Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

Tine--what I would give to live close to an IKEA. It might be worth a drive over the mountains in this case, though.

Johnny--is this Mrs. Johnny or Mr. Johnny writing? I didn't know Mrs. Johnny used words like "pop." What are you doing to your basement?


Ohhh.... See living in Denmark, I'm not used to have to deal with long distances ;-)

If your IKEA is anything like ours, it's well worth it to make sure they have everything you need before leaving home ;-)


Hey just thought I would leave a link to our site. We can make you a custom trough sink that will look wonderful. Just let me know its you if you order and Ill give ya a contractors discount on the sink. Good luck with the remodel.

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