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I know Mary (of paper flower fame) from directing a play with her, and she and her family are so deserving of the success they have had. I have flowers of theirs on my table right now in fact!

I found your blog through the Ohdeeoh contest, and am excited, since I am a Spokane gal myself. I missed the sale, since my little ones are sick, but it's probably better - I never can leave a show like that empty handed!


How great to hear from you, Ivymae, and how funny that it was through Ohdeedoh that you found me. That crazy Al Gore and his World Wide Web--it really does deserve its name.

I wrote a story about Mary and Nathan and their flowers a couple years ago for a magazine I was editor of at the time. They were so humble and talented and fun to talk to. It was great seeing them again at the Farm Chicks.

Sorry you couldn't make it this year. I went again at the end of the day today hoping for a great bargain on a dollhouse (no such luck) and vendors said customers wiped them out. Sounds like it was a big success.

mrs. french

Your photos are wonderful! I am laughing because we have so much of the same things pictured on our sites! Great minds think alike. I thought you would have been too sick to go. We were actually probably there at the same time...I wish I would have called!


I had a feeling we'd shoot photos of a lot of the same stuff. No worries about not calling. I was pretty drugged up. Glad to see (on your blog) that you had a good time here in Spokaloo. It really is a great city. Wish it hadn't rained on you the whole time. It's still coming down now. Ug.

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