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Stacey's post was hilarious. It's weird how you can be laughing out loud but feeling a little sad and sorry for her inside. We're just starting potty training with one child - - can't imagine adding more into the mix. Yikes! As far as the treadmill, doesn't seem to me like LOL on it makes you a geek as long as you didn't fall OFF while laughing.



Oh, don't put it past me. There are times when I drop my iPod and my mind somehow thinks the safety of my iPod takes priority over the safety of me. Next thing I know I'm jumbling a bit, but somehow I manage to recover.


Thanks for laughing with me Megan. A ton of people visited me from PC yesterday. Could you link to me every day? Lol. Glad you survived the treadmill.


Oh good, Stacey! I read about Ess' success on the potty on your blog. Yea. You're batting .333. Isn't that really good in baseball? (Hell if I know.)

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