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This looks great! I really really love it! Does it work on painted surfaces as well as wallpaper?


Mimi, people are giving you good comments on ohdeedoh... you're doing a great job. : )


and p.s. I never remember having my mom be sick enough to slow her down. A couple of weeks ago I actually had to call Jeff's mom to come take care of MK for the evening (he had a commitment) and I've NEVER had to do that in the three years I've been a mommy. Being sick is awful. Being a sick mommy is AWFUL.


looooooove the rooster!


Oh, this was a great idea! Just what i need! I am a bit curious about the liquid starch, I am from Sweden so i wonder if this is the same thing as people use here when they want to make fabric really stiff, or what you call it... i found an recipe on another blog, and wanted to ask if you think i can use that, or if you have a better recipe...

i would be really happy if you helped me out :)


Thanks, Emma! I'm glad you like it. Our rooster is still on the wall, almost two years later. (And, FYI, I took down a humming bird we had up for a year and it came off just fine.)
My only concern about the recipe on that blog is that the woman says it will go rancid after a couple of days. That's probably not what you want on the walls.
This might be one of those times you'll want to buy the stuff from the store. Liquid starch is exactly what you say: stuff that makes fabric really stiff. People use it in a spray form while they're ironing. I just buy it in a bulk bottle that pours because I know I'll be using a good amount of it.
This is the brand I use:

I hope that helps. Send me a photo when you're done! I'd love to post your project here on Penny Carnival.


This is so wonderful! I want to do some shapes on my niece's wall. A question regarding the following instructions:

"Cut out the shape, flip the fabric over and begin "gluing" the fabric to the wall by applying the starch with a sponge brush. Apply it to the wall and the right side of the fabric as you go, smoothing out any ripples that form."

So it sounds like you spread the starch on the wall as well as the side of the fabric that will show. Does it dry clear? What about the starch that gets on the wall around the fabric shape? Do you wipe it off as you go, or wait until it dries and then try to wipe? (I am very unfamiliar with liquid starch). Thanks so much for posting all your tutorials - there are a few more I can't wait to try.


Please let me know where you found the rooster; I have roosters in my kitchen and this would look great..THANKS

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