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Mimi, I was sooo sad when I quit BF. I did it pretty much 100% for the first six months and then tapered down and stopped at seven months when I went back to work. I was SO surprised at how emotionally charged it was for me...the sleepy eyes and snuggly baby part can't be beat. (And WTF with Sue Miller? Eew.)


I know, Nis. I get all teary when I think about it.

Isn't that silly (re: the book)? Next time you're in a book store, pick it up and skip to the end. It's worth a good laugh.


Absolutely. I feel this one so deeply. It's so easy to slip into giving bottles frequently. Especially with the second because the first one is running around everywhere and there's hardly time to sit quietly and nurse.

I nursed my first son to a year full time - no formula for him, just pumped breast milk. Not because I'm against formula, it was just so easy for us and so satisfying to do. This second little boy, I realized yesterday, is weaned at 11 months and I don't even know how or when it happened. I want to cry, not because I want to nurse any more, but just because it's over already and everything (EVERYTHING!) just goes so fast.


Maybe that's what's hard, Anymommy, the going so quickly thing. I know this is typical for second (or third or whatever) kids, but our time with her has flown by compared with Bo's first year. We're pretty sure she's our last baby (OK, J is sure. I'm not so sure. So between us, we're "pretty sure"). So every milestone will be sentimental, I'm sure.

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