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Gorgeous. I love the red, white and blue with the gerber daisies. (I think those are gerber daisies.) What do I know, I just told Matt I wanted clamydia on the arch in our back yard. Um no, that would be clementis.


Love the flowers in the top photo! It must be heavenly to have a garden, grow flowers and vedgetables, and have a lawn for the kiddies to play on....


Stacey--you kill me.
Tine--I'm guessing the living spaces are pretty tight in Copenhagen, huh? But then again--you get to live in Copenhagen!! How great is that?
When we bought our house last year, we were debating between a downtown loft and a house with a big backyard. We made the right choice. I can't take the credit for growing all these flowers, though. That's my goal for next summer, but for now these were all bought from florists or farmers' markets. My August floral arrangement story might be homegrown. Depends on how my sunflowers look when I get back to Spokane.

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