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frank de kleine

Hi Megan, nice to hear that you like my coloring pages. And about the part 'just for kids', well, what can I say. Isn't there a kid in everyone of us?

I love to see what you (and others) do with my coloring pages. Can you post pictures of it on your blog or email me (see address on my website, www.letmecolor.com)? I hope you can do this...

Best wishes, Frank


Oh, you bet, Frank. Thanks so much for stopping by.

I'll definitely post any projects I do with your drawings here and will e-mail you, too, in case you don't check back. Like I said I have one thing under way using the beach cabanas. That should be done sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Your work is amazing. Thanks so much for putting it out there for everyone to play with.


E-mailing sounds good. I'm looking forward to see your work! Thanks for your kind words, and thank YOU for using my stuff. If nobody did that my work would be useless...

Regards, Frank


My cabana art quilt is almost done, Frank. Stay tuned ...


i was just wondering where you got those shelves? i love them and would really like to get them for my daughter's room!


Where are your white stacked shelves from?

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