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Love it! Good thing that we took notes... : ) xoxo

Carolyn L.

Thanks for the pattern numbers. Some of these definitely have potential. I've been looking all over for a kimono-style wrap dress pattern!


You betchya, Carolyn. Again, I can't speak from experience with them, but they looked like they had potential.

Nis, I think I remembered one more funny conversation. When we were distributing napkins for dinner one night--and by napkins I mean red and blue bandanas, which is what we use as napkins--didn't you ask MK whether she wanted to be a Blood or a Crip?


Yes I did! I forgot about that. : )


Fun! And so funny. I'm really sorry I missed you guys. Don't scratch me from the list okay? Next time I'll move mountains.


No worries, Stacey! We would have loved to see you, but we'll catch you next time.


Um, I just searched this one out because I knew that hilarity had ensued and you were smart enough to write it down. I was laughing out loud at some of that stuff... "no kill animal shelter" and "can you stay dry?" are funny to this day. Didn't we have to decide if we were a Crip or a Blood at dinner, too? :) I LOVE YOU, MIMI!!!

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