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That is the cutest fake food I have ever seen. Seriously, I feel embarrassed by the plastic lettuce and tomatos in my basement play room. The banana is adorable, and kind of wrong, all at the same time.


Thanks, Stacey! It was so much fun to make (I literally laughed out loud in the craft room as the banana came together) and it's a hit with the kids. Grocery shopping is not the same anymore because I'm constantly trying to figure out how I could turn things into felt.
I'm realizing I botched the lead on this post, though. Isn't it supposed to be, "Hi, my name is Megan"? I need to brush up on my AA lingo. It's been a while since I dated the guy who had me go to the meetings ... I digress.


this is so cute! I need to buy her patterns! I saw on etsy that many are sold out- hmmm, they are PDF...maybe the message of a vacation may be the reason...I hope I can buy some! thanks for the link.


Thanks for stopping by, Carol! You're famous to me, so I feel like I just bumped into Sarah Jessica Parker or something.
I bet you're right that the "sold out" message has to do with the vacation--for sure. I just interviewed Annika for an article I'm writing (my HomeMaker column, for you regular penny carnivalians) and she said she's constantly working on more patterns and has some new ideas in the works. I doubt she'd ever discontinue the tried and trues.
You will be surprised at how simple the directions are when you get them. I thought the banana was going to require some major three-dimensional sewing trickery, but her method is very basic with very real-looking results. I'm finding, though, that I need to enlarge things a bit to make them easier to sew and to make them look more like the food our family is accustomed to eating (apparently we have portion control issues here).


Ironically, I have the exact opposite problem. I'm not a terribly proficient sewer, so I often convince myself it would be better to follow someone else's well-thought plan. But every time I buy a pattern for some project (other than quilt patterns), it turns out to be a disasterous exercise in frustration.

However, you did a great job. Your food is seriously cute...two daughters and a niece might find a patternless version under the tree. ;-)


Well, Tango, I wrote that post a few days ago and I've already broken my resolution. I've strayed from the patterns, tinkering with this and that, and I've started making my own food entirely, like fried eggs (so easy). Every time I open the fridge or the pantry now I start scheming about how I'm going to turn everything into felt. Avocados ... juice ... pb&j sandwich. Nothing is safe.
On a side note, it looks like you're already thinking about what to make for Christmas gifts. Me too! What's wrong with us? I'm actually already feeling like I'm a bit behind.


Looks great to me! I am just starting the whole felt food thing but http://americanfeltandcraft.wordpress.com/
has some neat felt food patterns and thier online store sells really nice (wool blend) felt in a TON of colors, I am sure you could find the colors you were looking for. I haven't tried the bugga bugga patterns yet but I hope to soon.


Your felt food projects are awesome. I'd love for you to link as many as you would like to share up at my Felt Food Roundup on OneCreativeMommy.com. I hope to see you there!

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