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I will have to look that catalog up. I just got "Chasing Fireflies" and it is the same way.. Cute but $$$$$$


I love that catalog! But, I don't know the quote. Although, it's murkily reminding me of a Steve Martin movie and something about a phonebook?! Am I even close. If someone gets it, I will totally give them some points!


Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! You're the winner of your own points.
"The new phonebooks are here! The new phonebooks are here!" Steve Martin, The Jerk.
I tried to leave a comment on your blog a bit ago, but my computer killed it before it went through. I'll try again.


HauteLook.com is having a huge Tea Collection sale on August 7 (tomorrow)! Take a look! www.hautelook.com


Ooh, ooh. Thanks for the tips, Rory and Taryn. I will check out Chasing Fireflies for inspiration and hautelook.com for bargains!

Carolyn L.

Talk about coincidence!
I was just perusing Tea's Web site today, looking for the perfect little sweater for my daughter to wear as a flower girl in a wedding this October. If you love Tea, check out Boden. They're English. Very very very cute. They have decent sales from time to time, too.


Oh, I hear ya. I love Boden too. Again, for inspiration purposes mostly.
I just did a quick lookie look over there. Oh, how I love mini-corduroy. And the highly underused word "pinafore." Check out these sweet little numbers:


Too funny! Okay, I won't give myself points. But, I did a quote in my comments today based on your comment (confusing, but I think you get it) and Nissa got it right. The interconnections are hilarious!


Yes the "interfriends" thing, as you call it, is growing out of control. I just realized that when I posted a photo a couple of months ago of a homemade gift for a newborn baby that another Spokane blogger made, it was a gift for a mom that's a friend of mine. Does that make sense? The blog world puts the Kevin Bacon game to shame.

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