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I always feel so relaxed when I leave here. Not talented, but relaxed.


Oh, what a nice thing to say, Stacey. Thanks. I leave here with my mind spinning because of the enormous project to-do list running through my head. And I leave your blog running to the bathroom because I'm about to pee my pants.

Carolyn L.

I hear you on the pants issue. My little one cries when I try to put her in shorts, capris, pants. Heck, she doesn't even go for skirts these days -- tho I may try that Oliver pattern. It's got to be a dress. My solution for the jungle gym? Bike shorts!


And the dress has to be just so, right? Twirly.
I'm big on letting her choose what she wants to wear, but I admit to conveniently stashing away certain outfits. Out of sight, out of mind. That dang rainbow dress Bo wore for her birthday party is under lock and key after a whole summer of seeing it on her.

Carolyn L.

My excuse when I don't want her to wear her favorite Hello Kitty polka-dot dress for the third time in a week? It's either in the wash, in the dryer or needs to be ironed. Because with mine, out of sight does not mean out of mind!


Oh, dear. I'm dreading that day. At least it's Hello Kitty, though.

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