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Yes Joann's makes me crazy! Not only do I rarely get good customer service there I hardly ever find what I need. How many different kinds of novelty pattered bolts of fleece does on store need? I send them a letter 2 or 3 times a year because - well, like you said it's the only option. I always get a response that goes something like this - we provide the goods that sell and don't give much thought to people with taste. (I'm paraphrasing of course)

I love the "clown shirt" btw, I love that Value Village has patterns - I usually buy them for collage but now I'll have to look for stuff I might want to make!


Oh, I know, the licensed stuff makes me want to barf. Just this morning, though, my friend Jovanka gave me some fabric she bought there the other night that is pretty dang cute. I'm making slippers for her daughter for Montessori school (slippers are a Montessori thing, I think). I made some for Bo but I keep forgetting to photograph them for the blog because they're in her cubby at school. Anyhow, Jovanka was able to find a darling little needle in the JoAnn's Haystack.

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