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kristine hanson

Hi, I am new to your blog! Have you taken a peek into the store called The Top Stitch? It is on Garland, not in the "Garland district" though....she has some great fabrics, very modern for the modern sewer/quilter, you will do great, I really enjoy your blog and am thrilled you are local...I live in Otis Orchards, take care.


Thanks, Kristine! It's so great to have new people come to the blog. How did you find me? I hope you'll come back often.
Yes, I know all about The Top Stitch. Isn't it great?! I am a journalist and wrote an article for the Spokesman when they first opened because it was the first time I'd seen such a modern fabric store in Spokane. Carrie (the owner) told me later that she got absolutely slammed with customers right after the story came out and ended up having to hire four people (previously I think she was the only one manning the store).

I see now that the Quilting Bee in Spokane Valley and Bear Claw in Coeur d'Alene carry some of the same fabrics. The Top Stitch is great, though, and Carrie is a lot of fun to talk to. She's so enthusiastic about sewing and about modern fabric design. She has a Top Stitch group on Flickr where you can upload photos of projects you've made with her fabric and patterns.

Thanks again!

kristine hanson

I found your blog by googling felt food, I had seen your article, it sparked my interest and click here, click there, I came upon yours...love your title picture of the little girl with the wooden cupcakes (did you get those at Target, the cupcakes I mean, not the girl or her socks, ha ha) I enjoy your articles and did not realize you had a blog but now you are on my "favs"...I too enjoy The Quilting Bee and Bear Paw, Sew EZ too further up on Garland has a big selection and I love it that they take competitors coupons like JoAnn fabrics so you can get good quality fabric with a coupon! yahoo!


Thanks! I'm so glad you found me and appreciate your kind words about my articles. I'm never really sure if anyone besides my editor reads them.
Sew EZ Too is great--you're right! I found some adorable Halloween fabric there last year. Halloween fabric can be soooo bad, but this stuff was sweet in a very vintage way. We moved from the Corbin Park area (near Garland) to the South Hill last year and I'm kind of regretting it because of all the great fabric stores over there.
Those feet belong to my 3-year-old daughter, as do the wooden cupcakes. My sister gave the cupcakes to her for Christmas last year and she said she got them at a shop in Bellingham called the Fairhaven Toy Garden. www.fairhaventoygarden.com.
Thanks again, Kristine!

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