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If only I could have been in two places at once that barn sale sounds and looks so great - are there plans for another? Than you for visiting me at my table. I did have a great time and even made a little money - what a great event for local crafters! Also, thank you for taking such a great shot of the bunnies at Mockingbird (pretty school store eh?) I hope you don't mind if I lift that one for my blog :)
Looks like an amazing day. I picked up some great 50's dishes at goodwill today, just what I need a new collection..ha!


hahahah! I meant to say "pretty cool store"


Hey, close enough. School is cool, too.
Stay cool, kids. I mean stay in school, kids.
Now I'm confused.

And of course! Use the photo all you want. It's so cute how they have the bunnies greeting folks at the door.

The Barn Bazaar's web site doesn't say anything specifically about a future show, but it had a "summer show" and this weekend was the "fall show" so maybe they'll be a "winter" and "spring" show to look forward to? I'm not sure.


I know this comment is a little late, but yes, we will be having another show next June 27th & 28th, and a fall show on September 12th & 13th. Thanks for posting the lovely photos on your blog. We are so glad you came to the show, and had a nice time. Your blog has some great crafts and information. Lots of fun to read. Hope to see you at the next show!


Never too late, Fielding! Thanks for stopping by. I wanted to get to your winter show, but it didn't happen. I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for future shows. My mom and I had a great time and found many treasures in September. Thanks for your kind comments about the blog. Take care!

celeste shaw

i have been a fan of all these remarkable women. "two women" and their taste for finding and selling the greatest treasures never dissapoints. when it comes to vision for retail amazement-laura kelly of lolo and mockingbird never ceases to amaze me. great coverage megan thanks for sharing this! celeste

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I love that cute blue dress full of butterflies where did you gat it sweety ?

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Whata nice bazaar. Near to my house there is one, but I haven't go due to the fact I thought it was a messy place, but now I can see it could be as organized as yours.

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