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Happy Birthday sweet Magpie! I hope they just keep on getting better... enjoy that bday cake, too, because there is just nothing better than birthday cake. Really. Nothing! :)

p.s. Mimi, I love that the "Helpful Tips for a Better World and a Happier Life" book made it on the good reads list... MK and I read it and love it! :) xoxo

p.s.s. Go give Stacey some love today, some anonymous poster really chapped her (and all of her readers, me included)... she needs hugs


Happy Birthday, Magpie!! You do such beautiful work, the party will be stunning. Thanks for sharing her birth story, I just love them.


Nis--we love that book so thanks again for it! We just read it last night. Bo likes to list the things she already does, like being kind to Mother Nature. It's cute.

Stacey--you're too kind. It really is going to be a pretty simple bash. I had ideas for woodland-inspired food, like stuffed mushrooms. But it's just going to be pizza and cake. Maybe I'll order mushroom pizza ...
I forgot the most important part of Magpie's birth story. I got pregnant with her five months after a miscarriage. Anyone who has had one knows how horrible they are. When we were going through it, my sister-in-law said to me, you can't know it now, but a baby will come that you won't otherwise have had if you hadn't been through this awfulness. That was the case with her Hannah, who we couldn't imagine life without today. And so we have our Magpie, who is a million times worth the sadness of the miscarriage.

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