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Carolyn L.

Megan: I'm sure the cheerleading outfits are cute, especially when they're being worn by cute little girls. They look nice in the photos, even with the pirate fabric! And I love the rainbow dress. Very cute.


Mimi, I think it's all pretty adorable! C'mon... those cuties will be beyond adorable in their couture cheer :) At least they aren't one armed semi-boob shows or the "skirt" isn't really strips of fabric both of which I have actually seen on college cheerleaders. Eek.


Megan:) This website is so cute!! I wish I knew how to sew!! I remember when you would take me to play with you when I was little and we would always do some sort of stamps or crafts:) I think that was the beginning of my craftiness:) Haha, but that is about all I can do is paint or scrapbook, haha... you should have taught me to sew!! What were you thinking???? Haha, jk:) SO anyway, are your clothes for sale on here?? You should have a little online store! They look like expensive clothes that would be in a boutique or something...anyway, cute website!


Thanks, guys. I'll have to actually go to one of the football games soon so I can take some pictures of the girls in their costumes. Nis--I can't believe what the cheerleaders wear these days! I feel like an old lady when I say that, but seriously sometimes it's truly shocking.
Stacey--it's so fun for me hear you say these things! And it's neat to see what a lovely young woman you have become. The photos of the room you're creating for your daughter are adorable, by the way. You do have the crafty touch. Sewing is easy, especially baby/toddler clothes. You should sign up for a class at a fabric store before the baby comes (there won't be much time for it after!).
I've never tried to sell anything I've made, but I'm thinking about listing a few things on Etsy to see how it goes. Do you know about Etsy? It's a crafters wonderland. www.etsy.com.

kristine hanson

did you use a pattern for the cheer outfits? They are really quite cute, go Rogers! HA I was a Shadle girl myself, could have been worse, try finding "highlanders" on fabric


Hi, Kristine! Thanks. Yes--definitely. I used McCalls 2849. I'll update the post to include that because there's no way I could have come up with that skirt on my own.
I actually wanted to make the costume using a yellow plaid, but J insisted on something more traditional.

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