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Omigosh, the owl cupcakes. So cute! So chocolaty. Okay, maybe I'm thinking of me and not a one year old, but still.


The chocolate factor is getting to me too, Stacey. And do you see that those are Oreo cookie eyes?

Two friends just voted for the 3-D owl via Facebook, so the current tally is:

A) 2
2) 1
Thirdly) 0

Stephanie Letson

I vote for A...the cupcakes might scare little children...those eyes!


I vote for owl cupcakes. Option one is super cute but I like the idea of having my own treat! Wait....I don't get to have one? Hmmmm...maybe I need to think about this more then....


Oh, boy. This is neck and neck.

3-D owl has 3 votes and the cupcakes have 2.

Maybe I should call Colin Powell and see what he thinks.


I love the cupcakes the best! The eyes have such character! After that I'd say the cake with all the characters along the side. The owl cake looks great, but I like the other ones best. I can't wait to see photos of your finished creation!


I like the owl cake! But the cupcakes are oh so cute! Megan I love the grey dress or jumper it's adorable and the picture of Maggie in that elf hat is too cute. Love, Mommy


No, maybe the two layer round cake would be better for a 1st Birthday with the critters all around and maybe you could frost it heavily so she can mush her hands and face in it. The owl looks like it has almonds on it, she wouldn't like that. Love, Mommy


Ah! Now I don't know which one is my favorite. Maybe I should make all three?

Here's the latest:
owl cake: 4
cupcakes: 3
round cake: 1

Maybe I should make the 3-D owl cake for everyone and then make a cupcake for Magpie to smash into? Hmmm ... could be a good compromise.
But then I'd have a whole package of Oreos with no purpose but to eat them myself.

Carolyn L.

Hate to throw this election to the Supreme Court, but I vote for the cupcakes. They are too cute to ignore!


Cupcakes. They're so cute AND they look simple. Simple is always better, right?! :)


Oooh. Cupcakes take the lead. This is getting interesting.


I vote for a cheesecake from the grocery store. Works every time lol!! Seriously, I don't think you can go wrong with any of them. I like the look of the big owl, but it would be hard to cut and divide/eat. The cupcakes would be much easier to eat. And the woodland fairy/creature cake sounds good too. Put me down as one vote for each ;)

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