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I'm in love with the rainbow dress.
Don't get me started on the local fabric stores - sheesh!

J is so cute in that apron - looks like lots of work!


I knew the apron craze was big, but sheesh, when men start wearing them...I think we are on the cusp of an apron explosion. I'm sewing some aprons today!


Thanks, Klay! I just heard from the "buyer" and she's happy with it. Yea! It's kind of nerve wracking.
The baking was a ton of work, but he's kind of an animal. When he has a task he doesn't rest until it's done. Or maybe he just liked wearing that apron. ;)
Cherie, you might be onto something. I'll check your Etsy shop in a few days so I can give him his own apron and take back my own (he really made a mess of it!).

Susannah Rodgers

I LOVED the dress - as you know already! It's fun to see the pictures of if from your end~


Thanks so much, Susannah! It has been so much fun working with you on this. We're excited to see the paintings. Merry Christmas!


I've been looking around online for some rainbow fabric like that with no luck! Did you just get yours at a local store?

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