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kristine hanson

I too had a wise man give me $$!! I am going to be getting the Alicia Paulson book, can't wait!! Another I am dying to get (saw it at Michaels...it is beautiful) "Where women create" by Jo Packman, it is lovely!! Pictures and articles on artists works spaces, if my craft room were only that pretty!

P.S. my daughter LOVED the muffins/cupcakes!!

Carolyn L.

I have Seams to Me, so if you ever want to borrow it, you are welcome. In exchange, I would like to borrow Simple Sewing and Zakka Sewing, if, indeed, those are the selections you make!


Oh good, Kristine! I'm glad she liked them. We were just playing with ours today.
I'll have to check out the Jo Packman book. The Alicia Paulson book is moving its way up my list.
I stopped at Barnes and Noble today, grabbed a stack of craft books and a cup of coffee and did a little research. I'm going to eliminate the Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing one from the list, as well as Zakka Sewing and Seams to Me. All beautiful books, but not perfectly what I'm looking for right now.
I'm also going to add a book to the running that I looked at there called Homemade Hellos, all about handcrafted cards. Loved it.
Carolyn, I love the idea of sharing! We should start a craft book club and get together once a month. I would probably be better about "reading" the books than I am with my regular book club.
OK, I'm spending way too much time on this. I think it means I'm cheap.


I like the looks of that very first one, Complete Embellishing, by Kayte Terry.


I have Seams To Me and Home Sewn and love them both. I now want Doodle Stitching....that looks amazing. Have fun with whatever you get.


Thanks for your two cents, Jeanne and Mariah. FYI--I interviewed Kayte Terry recently for a story about giving new life to secondhand clothes. She was great! She told me a story about a time in high school when she hot glue gunned silk flowers ALL OVER a pair of jeans. She said her taste has improved since then, but I love her spunk.
And that Doodle Stitching is definitely intriguing me, too. Embroidery is something I can do on the couch or the floor with the kids crawling around me.

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