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Carolyn L.

New site looks good, Megan. I like the picture you have up now. Very kiddsy and crafty. The page appearance seems narrower than before. Or it that my imagination?


Stacey--your comment didn't appear. It must be on the beach with you on a tropical island.
Carolyn--Thanks! The layout has four columns now instead of three. Too narrow? I need to reorganize my links and books and music and figure out how to put more images in the sidebars. I'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff.


I love the one you used, I think you can easily get Penny Carnival in there. I also love the little arm and finger with the cheerios and glue. The new colors are great


I noticed the other day that you were "playing" with it...fun, fun! I love the bright colors. So, I like the little hand with the cheerios and I also love your hearth at Christmas. It's wintry enough to last for a few more months, no? :) Have fun in the 50+ inches of snow...your kids are soooo lucky that you are a crafty mama. Kids all thru the city are dying of TV boredom, I'm sure, and your kids have crafts galore!


I like the layout, title pic & all your cute pictures. I think it's fun to change up the blog every so often & the colors are bright & cheery :)I LOVE the pic of your living room!! Love it! Good luck with the blog changes. I do love the cupcake photo but the current one is just as cute!


Thanks, guys.
Klay, what I would give to have your graphic design talent. Ugh. I'm not good at this stuff, especially when technology gets in the way.
Nis, for the record I just want to state that my kids have watched PLENTY of TV over the last couple of weeks! Sometimes I just need a chance to make a meal or clean a room. It's been insane. Oh, and I read in the paper that we're up to 60 inches of snow now--almost as tall as me.
Thanks, Apryl! It's great having you here.


I know, the TV is my preferred (ie ONLY) way to get a shower in when I am the only person over age 4 at home. I also have to admit that MK knows Hannah Montana...yeah, bad mom. (She also knows the words to many, many, MANY songs on our iPod that are iffy. If you were to hear a three-and-a-half year old sing "Last night I got served a little bit too much of that poison, baby, last night I did things I'm not proud of and I got a little craaazy..." ala Carrie Underwood in "Last Name" you would either cringe, turn me in to CPS, or fall on the floor laughing hysterically. I hope it's the last one.) Hang in there with the snow. I just hope that it doesn't accumulate to such heights that the ladder you are using to get in to the new truck is no longer tall enough. :) xoxo


Hello from the South,
I stumbled onto your blog by googling rainbow invitations for my little one who turns 5 on the 18th of January. She wants a rainbow birthday party... So I am looking for all things rainbow. I am making her invites out of rainbow paper I found at a local craft store. We are going to make rainbow bottles at the party filled with different liquids that have been colored (water, oil, alcohol). I am making a rainbow cake and want to try your marshmallow fondant. Anyway, it will be lots of colorful fun.
I have really enjoyed all of the crafting sites you refer to on your blog. Thanks for all the ideas! I am homeschooling my 2 wee ones. I can't wait to pick out some of the crafts to do with them. They are craftaholics.
I must say that the pics of the snow are absolutely astounding to me. I am typing away on the eastern border of very warm AL and GA. I have never in my life personally seen that much snow. What fun and at the same time what a pain. Our version of winter right now is a balmy 60 degrees. If we see snow fluries this far south everything shuts down! Ha ha he he.
I want to comment on one thing I read on your blog. I liked the prayer beads and am glad to hear you pray. If you are one who likes to try new things at the new year then try another church. God is not always so boring and doesn't liked to be forced on people either. Maybe a new perspective different from the one you grew up with will open your heart to how caring and loving God truly is.
I hope I have not offended you. I really have enjoyed catching a glimpse of your beautiful family. Hope you all have a wonderful new year filled with many new and exciting journeys...


Oh, Nis. You crack me up. Little MK is so funny. Bo is catching on to the lyrics to "So What" by Pink, so I can relate.
The snow just keeps coming, but our next door neighbor who has lived here since the '50s told us about the winter of 1968 when her son and husband could stand on top of the snow in front of the house, step onto the roof (no ladder), walk over the roof, and then stand on top of the snow on the back side. Let's hope we don't get close to that this year.
Stacy--thank you so, so much for posting a comment. You do not offend me AT ALL. If there's one thing I love it's a sense of community and you can't have a community without diversity. It sounds like you and I practice our faith differently, but to me that's a beautiful thing. A friend of mine summed up her religion to me recently as "Love God. Love your neighbors." I thought that was nice. I'll find the right church for me one day and I think it's wonderful that you have found yours. I promise to keep my mind and heart open for it.
P.S. Your rainbow birthday sounds like so much fun! Neat idea with the oil and water. It was a fun theme for us. Just want to make sure you saw this post from the night of the party:


I like the new photo, but it takes a long time to load on my computer. Like 20+ seconds everytime I come back. I didn't have this problem with your old photo - resolution issue maybe?? I always wondered if that was a Babystyle dress in your cupcake photo - if so, we have several of versions of the same one!


Oh no, Tara. That's not good. I'll try to figure out what's going on. I thought I'd sized the photo down, but maybe I forgot too. I'm so sorry about that. It's never fun to have to wait like that.
Yes, that's a Baby Style dress and we too have several colors ... black, green, pink, brown ... and of various sizes.

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