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cute smocks, and yes, my yard looks just like that too...we live in the valley. HAve you been able to get out and drive around yet?


by the way, didn't know you were from Spokane until today. i've been a lurker.


How funny, Arah! It's such a small world. Do you remember where you first found me?
No, we haven't been able to get out at all. My sister-in-law came by a bit ago in her big car and took my husband to the grocery store (we were getting way low on diapers--yikes!) but he met her a few blocks away. Our street has too much snow for our mini van and our Jetta has been stranded downtown since Wednesday.
How is it in the valley?


That snow is AMAZING Mimi!!! Wow, we got about 4" the other day and you know how that shuts PDX down... Tualatin didn't have school ALL WEEK, and Jeff had 3 out of 5 days off. Your backyard, all I can say is wow!


Isn't it insane? 30 inches, with more expected Sunday and Monday.
I should take a photo of the front yard. It looks kind of dramatic because J has been shoveling the driveway every two hours so the snow has piled up on the sides.
It's beautiful, though. As long as it doesn't continue snowing through June (like it did last year).


I just found your blog again! After my computer crashed, I had lost all my links but now I'm happy to be a faithful reader again! Love the smock....I need to make my daughter one...her other one is too small. I too was on a cookie diet....gingersnaps being eaten by the handfuls...ug!


Oh good, Carrie! I'm so glad. Welcome back. :)
I took a break from the cookie diet today to make some wholesome, homemade tomato and bean soup ... and then chased it down with 2 cut-outs and some Hershey kisses. Nice.


I like the snow pics! That's alot of dang snow. Guess I better keep my mouth shut & quit complaining about the 16-18" we have at our house in Bellingham :) It just will not quit! ugga! I have been fortunate enough to get a ride to work because we are so busy at work I gotta get here somehow. Hope you are able to have the things you need to get by & stay safe & warm! Merry Christmas!


I absolutely love those painting smocks! They are darling. I was thinking of making them as a party favor for my daughter's birthday art party. However, I've been looking everywhere for that pattern, but I can't seem to find it. Do you know where I can get one?


JCstr--thanks so much! And what a great idea for your daughter's birthday. I'm not having any luck finding that pattern online either, but here are some similar ideas:


Meg over at Sew Liberated has a free tutorial for a child's apron:

If all else fails, send me an e-mail with your address and I can mail it to you so you can borrow mine!

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