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The Coffee Lady

I love this. Far better without the opening, if you ask me.


Thanks, CL! I agree about the opening. I swear, if pattern companies updated their cover photos a bit and used better fabric, they'd sell a lot more of their products.
Thanks for stopping by. :)


You are so funny. The poncho is adorable~
We've taken to calling belly buttons "Bella Buttons" since my Isabella also has a strange fascination with her outie.
I'd make a poncho with applique and another with pom poms!


Super cute...both Magpie and the poncho/straitjacket! :) It should be illegal to have such cute kids. I think the pattern companies should use your work and your kids as the models.

Love the bellybuttons...there is a Sandra Boynton book called "The Bellybutton Book" and all the hippos love their "belly b's" which they call "bee-bos." When MK first used the term bee-bo at preschool her teacher was all, um, what's a bee-bo? It's a great book, I bet she'd love it!

p.s. Did I learn about Miss Rumphius from you? If not, go check it out from the library, it's a wonderful story and message!!


Thanks, guys.
Good idea, Zana!
Nis, I think I've seen that belly button book in the stores. I'll have to track it down for Miss Mags. Thanks for the tip.
I have mentioned Miss Rumphius on here, so maybe that was from me. We have it. I love it. Bo liked it at first, but she never chooses to read it anymore. I wish she would. It's a great book.

Krystal McNerney

Super cute poncho! I'm in the process of making on from scratch...I like doing things the hard way I guess ; ) I like how you said belly buttons calm her down....I just learned a little while back that the center of your zen energy (or something of that nature : ) is focused around your belly button...something like if you are anxious and you need to center yourself, pull gently up on your belly button while also pushing gently up in the center of your forehead...it's suppose to really calm you. Maybe your little zen baby girl knows this ; ). My one year daughters name is Penny on a side note ; )

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