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It's gorgeous! How about a pencil with something at the end - Ronja has a few pencils that look like this. Then you would have poppies hiding a small animal, heart, or something similar (depending on what you can find) in the middle. :)


I believe my link didn't work? So here you go again: http://www.connectingthedots.dk/2009/02/10/light-and-shadow/


That would have been adorable. Those pencils are so cute!

I showed Bo the photo of the poppies and she decided she didn't want to make them, probably because I'm always making carnations out of tissue paper and she's tired of them. Oh, well. Maybe her sister will be willing next year or maybe I can make them as party favors for a birthday. I'm on the hunt for pencils like that now!

You can see what we did end up making on a post I wrote today:

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