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I saw this pattern and thought it was so cute!

I will definitely get it!


Bo wore it to school today and looked so cute I wanted to squeeze her (like a lemon!). I didn't want to press my luck by trying to take her picture, but I'll do my best to catch her another day.
Can't wait to see what you do with it, Carol.


Love that!! It's on my list to make now.


I think that hanging book display is a wonderful idea. The dress is also extremely cute!!

melissa Jade

I wish- of all wishes- to be able to ween myself off of TV before having kids. It sucks up my time like a BEAST. I turn into Melissa Zombie when it's on. I down nearly 5 hours of tv a day. THAT's too much.

My Resolution for 2010 is no more than 1 hr of tv a day.


Your sewing skills impress me everytime, so keep the close-ups coming!
Also, that book-sling has officially blown my mind!!


You guys are too kind. I'm always so touched when people take the time to leave a comment, and to read such nice ones--what a great way to end my day!
If it makes you feel better Melissa, one of my best friends is a TV addict. Ever since she was a kid, she has watched hours upon hours, and I'm talking Jerry Springer kind of stuff. She also is one of the smartest people I know, not to mention kind, loving, a good listener, etc. So don't be too hard on yourself. :)


I hear ya on the behavior problems after TV watching. We do 20 min of Sesame Street in the mornings - the original episodes from the 70s on DVD - and almost every morning I debate whether it saves me any time at all: the whining and yowling when it's time to turn it off is unreal!

That said, I have a bad case of the flu right now, and yesterday successfully used TV as a babysitter for the first time in my girl's nearly three years. It was actually quite sweet: she snuggled up with me under a blanket; I dozed and she watched PBS for an hour or so. But that is the RARE exception! Most of the time I am with you in wanting to limit - if not altogether ban - the TV.


Oh, Michaela. I hear ya on the whining once the TV goes off. My regular line when that happens is this:
"If there's one thing we're not going to cry about in this house, it's TV!!!" How's that for Mother of the Year?
Your snuggling story is very sweet. Almost makes me want to get the flu. I hope you're feeling better. :)


We cancelled our cable subcription about 5y ago and got rid of the TV shortly after that. My husband watched parts of Gladiator at least 10 times on HBO but he never watched the movie from end to end, it drove me crazy. We do watch DVDs now and then with a projector hooked up to the DVD player. The kids (3.5 and 1y old) watch DVDs from time to time and I like the fact that they are not interrupted every 2 minutes by commercials. I think the kids don't miss it too much, they do other things, they play with their toys or make up new stories while dressing up like their favorite movie characters.


I just announced today that the TV is hitting the road...okay, I asked my husband to put it in the garage. I don't know how it happened, I was so anti-TV in the beginning, but now, Lordy, we've got pint sized addicts demanding movie, movie , movie every time I turn around. I too need to organize myself as to not fall into the I'll just put in the DVD to buy myself some time. I notice a change in behavior too- TV makes my kids a little mean and cranky. The more we watch the worse it gets.

I just love your blog!


Ooh! I bought that pattern on sale at Joanns!

Did you make the rooster on the wall too?

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