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if you have a shiny aluminum mac (*salivating*), they make rubber covers similar to the ones they have for for iphone, so that is ou drop it or abuse it on an form, no one will know

Karla W.

The cover is beautiful. I still need somthing like that for mine, so far no dings. :)

As for the stains...I keep a stain stick by the changing table, when Sam is getting her jammies on put the stain stick on all the stains and pitch 'em into the laundry basket. It works great.


I love my new Mac...looks like the same one. Did you seriously just whip up that bag in one evening??? I am so getting my machine a tune-up next week!!


Oh yes, please. A tutorial would be awesome!


YES! I'd love a tutorial...so cute...I love that you embroidered your phone number on the inside!


Oh my gosh! Yes please!!! I am currently shoving mine in a thin pillowcase just to keep stuff out of the vents, then I shove it haphazardly into my un-cushioned bag. This would be BRILLIANT! Now if you could just sew up a way for me to protect my jewelry, pants and the interior of my car, I'd be set!!

Carolyn L.

We have a simple neoprene sleeve for our shiny Mac, but I like the idea of your bag. Please, share your secrets!

As for stains, I swear by those Tide stain pens. They really do work. Every time Joey spills something on herself, she tells me she needs "Mommy's magic pen." I keep one in my purse, in my desk, etc.


You guys are funny. Karen--that rubber thing sounds great. I'll have to look for it. Like Mkpoggie says, though, I might need one for the rest of my belongings, too.

I'll write up a tutorial soon. It was quite easy--definitely a 1-2 hour sort of thing. It's basically two mini quilts sewn together with handles tucked inside.

Susannah, I actually embroidered my phone number on the outside of the bag, but am regretting it a bit. Inside would have been much smarter since I do most of my writing in coffee shops and for whatever reason I've been striking up conversations with some real winners lately. I usually love talking to strangers, but my choice of strangers has been a bit off in the last month or so. The last thing I need is for any of these goofs to get my phone number.

Thanks for the tips on stains, too!

Emily Jane

Love it! So glad you got a Mac (I adore mine) and the safe little nest is adorable. :)


I think you should blog re: those goofy strangers...knowing you, there are some good stories there. I'm shaking my head right now, just imagining... :)


Good luck with the new computer:-) Love the sleeve you made for it...great fabric...your number on it is the best.


Thanks again, guys.
Nis, I'll try to conjure up some of my good coffee shop stories, like the guy who asked me on a date despite the fact I was wearing a wedding ring AND was six months pregnant.


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