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I think hanging book display sounds fine.
Let me know when you get it up on etsy :)


Book bed. Book sling. Book home. Book hideaway. Book nook. Ha! I like that last one.

Randi Dickinson

I'd go for either book sling or book hammock. Either way they are super cute and genius! Passing the link on to my sister for my 3yr old book-a-holic niece. (Takes after her aunt, I suppose!)


I am so glad that you found me! If you'd like to link to it, you may - after all, it's your wonderful idea! I love it - obviously. :) My daughter loves it too.
I like the name Book Hammock. And I think it's a great idea for you to sell it on etsy! People will love it!


I like book sling, but what do I know. They are so clever and beautiful. I think it's a fabulous idea to sell them!


Thanks so much, guys. I went with "book sling," and I'm already conversing with one person who might buy one or more of them. Yea!
Apryl, the link to the listing is in the last sentence of this post.

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