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Where do I make my reservations for Casa Mimi? Seriously. I want to come.... but only me, no small child! :)

Carolyn L.

Megan. Back away from the jumpsuit. Slowly. Slowly. Do not look back, lest you want to see yourself circa 1977.


And can say, that I have personally been to St. George Island and is indeed a quaint beautiful little place.


Ha, ha, Carolyn. You sound like my mom and my sister a few years ago in a dressing room at Anthropologie. I tried on a jumpsuit, I knew it wasn't flattering, but I wanted it anyway. They were kind enough to talk me down. I swear the one at Coco is way cooler, though. I just need six-inch heels to pull it off.

Melinda, I can't believe you've been there. It looks heavenly. The other photos in Cookie were of rundown little clam shacks and stuff, making it look like a place that was frozen in time 50 years ago. In other words, my kind of vacation.

Nis--strap on that Emmeline apron and drive yourself up here in June!!

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