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I LOVE IT! I love you! Thank you for making it for me...it's so adorable and since it's even cuter than any actual clothing that I own I may turn an apron into this season's "must have" new fashion staple. :) Mimi, thank you so much!

kristine hanson

well done!!


I made one for my mom, and I am jealous that she now owns it.


You're so funny! I love the photos and the apron is really great. Well done - looking forward to the one you make for yourself!


Thanks, guys. It really is a sassy little number (as you can see by the sassy persona that took over once I put it on).
Once I make one for myself, I'm definitely going to wear it out. Great pattern--easy-to-follow instructions. Love it.
Nis, you're going to be the hottest mama at Super Club. Oops. Supper club. But super, too.


I too have an apron pattern sitting around that I've been meaning to get to since last fall. I sew like I frost a cake and neither is ever very pretty to look at. But perhaps your blog here will motivate me.


Great photos, all of them thanks for sharing. No wonder it's the hottest apron pattern ever produced. I love it.

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