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||| laura frantz |||

Um...we don't do the Easter Bunny. Or the Tooth Fairy, or Santa, and yet my kids still have awesome, incredibly fun holidays. I don't think there is any validity to the claim that if kids don't have the EB, TF and Santa they are somehow being deprived. So no, you're not alone.


I don't know, I don't mind the fairy tale that "is" Santa/Tooth Fairy/EB but I'm telling you that I'm going to jack it up sooner rather than later.... MK even accused me yesterday of being the EB and that was before I was caught discussing where I, I mean the EB, shops for Easter basket goodies. Ooops! :)

Also, having been to both Luna and Serratto I can vouch for yumminess on both ends. Serratto is one of our very favorite Portland restaurants and in a foodie town that's saying something!


hello from a lurker! http://coyotecraft.blogspot.com/2007/12/happy-buddhist-christmas-yule.html



well, I'm not sure what happened to the rest of my comment, but what I said was "hello from a lurker! I don't think there's anything 'magical' about lying to kids, either - and I've written about it a couple of times on my own blog" and then I posted the links! I wasn't just spamming you, I swear! <3


My take on it has always been that there is a difference between "lying" to your kids and encouraging the wonderment and imagination that is such a huge part of the traditions of childhood. I encourage kids to believe in candy-toting bunnies and Flying reindeer and mischievious leprechauns and singing pixies and all of the rest of it! They have the rest of their lives to be skeptics and critics, so relax and join in on the playtime :)


I have taken so long to respond to these comments because I'm still so lost as to how I feel about this topic. I read your blog posts on Coyote Craft, Bean, and I'm totally on board. That's a beautiful way to celebrate the "holidays" and we've always meant to do more to celebrate the changing seasons here. We talk about it with the kids a lot, but we've never truly honored it.
Then I read your comment, mkpoggie, and I'm nodding my head "yes!" This phase of their lives and mine is so brief and so magical. Why not jump into the deep end of the imagination pool? I remember reading the Wizard of Oz books as a kid and being blown away by the wonder of it all. Of course, I was an older kid at that point so I'd pretty much figured out what was real and not. I worry that the Santa stories, etc., confuse young kids because they're so driven to understand how the world works. But still, I think my reaction to those books were the first hint that I wanted to one day be a writer and they did so much to foster my creativity.
So, anyhow ... I guess every family does what's right for them. And we're still trying to figure out just what that is here.
Off to do some soul searching now ...

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