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Mimi, love the new storage that now resides in the foyer... trips to PDX are so fruitful aren't they?! I love the new art, too and think that we might have to do something like that. I feel badly that I don't display more of MK's work. I'm sure she can discuss it in therapy 20 years from now! :)

And, oh, lovely...I see that someone is offering us discounts on "Channel". Do you think that's sort of like Chanel or ??



Ha, ha, Nis. I'm sure my kids will be in therapy for plenty of other reasons, like how I lost my temper the other day and threw dishtowels across the kitchen (not at them, just sort of against the wall in a fit of frustration. I really should stop admitting these things online).
Not sure where our little Gucci friend came from. If they saw the name brands in my closet (or lack thereof) they might have targeted a different blog.


1. I love that dress pattern, but am pretty sure I'd never finish it as is the case with most of my sewing projects.

2. Yes, I've tried Favorite Things...a skirt...wasn't loving the directions either AND the pattern was $$$$$$$.

3.I am so doing the painting cutouts. Those are beautiful.

and finally 4. Did you get that storage shelf from IKEA? It's a good thing I live a fair distance from that store....I just can't help myself and a quick glance in my closet would be a clear indicator...brand names??? not on my freelancing check ;)


So I started to say a clear indicator that Gucci wouldn't want to post on my blog either but I think I was interrupted by screaming...not my own, though it might be a nice stress release.

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