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kristine hanson

ohhhhh how lovely!! me being lazy right now...how much a night if you don't mind me asking and guess what!? I finally have my own little blog!


Yea! Another one bites the dust! I'll check it out.

I don't mind you asking at all. We paid $125 for a basic room with a private bathroom. You can get rooms cheaper if you're willing to take your shower down the hall. And there are bigger rooms that are more expensive, too. For downtown Portland, that's pretty reasonable/average.

The Leftoverist

Megan! My mom ran into your mom, and they got talking about their blogging daughters, and my Mom called me up tonight and told me to check our your blog. So beautiful! Well written! I'm bookmarking it. Haven't read too far in yet, but far enough to see that I'm not the only mother who wants to jump off a bridge sometimes and cooks to talk myself down. I fear my blog will ALWAYS be about food, so I'll have to tune into yours for balance. Love to you--Sarah Murphy-Kangas in Seattle


Sarah!! How great to hear from you! I just took a quick look at your blog and will dig deeper in after I write this, but oh my goodness what beautiful photography and what beautiful food. I haven't gotten a good look at your daughter yet, but does Wyatt look like Yancey or what?! So cute.
You and Yancey came up on Facebook recently (Are you on there? It's fun but a total time sucker. I'm thinking of quitting so I can have a real life again). There's a photo of a group of us, something related to student council that someone scanned from a yearbook. Anyhow, it's really cute because you're looking at Yancey in the picture, laughing like he just said something funny. It's very sweet.
OK, I'm off to sink my teeth into your blog. Say hello to your family. Visiting your house growing up was always like visiting a very peaceful, creative, handmade sanctuary. I guess I'm trying to create that same atmosphere with my family--when I'm not losing my mind and my patience. xoxo

Dionne C

What a cool, eclectic-looking place to say! I love the lockers, and who doesn't love a clawfoot bath tub?!

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