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||| laura frantz |||

Oh, what a marvelous thing you've created! It's quite lovely. Great job. And the power of the Internet just gets worse. Both of my kids now know how to log on to our local library's website, pull up their account, search for things they want to read or watch and put them on hold. They're only 5 and 7!

I have to mention that the person whose shop you've linked to is not Amanda Soule aka soulemama. Soulemama now sells on bigcartel, her soulemama Etsy shop has been closed for quite some time. I should know--I think I am her #1 blogstalker.


I have been seeing this everywhere too. I've been thinking about making it for my 6 year old. Very cute.

Did you use batting in between the layers for the mattresses?

Great job.


oh how sweet! im i nthe middle of making mine too!


Aha, I just got that book, too - my girl turns 3 on Sunday and I can't imagine the flipping out that will ensue when she sees the book. ;)


I know the feeling about princesses. After two girls we're in full princess mode and loving it. And that's coming from a mom who didn't want everything to be pink before they were born. We live in pink at our house.... :)


This is precious!!!


-Ha, ha, Laura. I'm a soulemama stalker, too. The link to the store is for Manda (of Tree Fall), though, not Amanda. Confusing, I know. I think Manda was the first one to come up with the princess and the pea doll set. I could be wrong, though.
-Yes, Mom24, I sewed two pieces of fabric on three sides, turned it right side out, slipped in a piece of batting the same size as the fabric, then sewed the opening shut. Then I stitched three or four lines across the mattresses using different stitches (zigzag, mostly).
-Fun, Nicole! I'll watch your blog to see what you come up with.
-Have fun with it, Michaela. I'm sure she'll love it.
-We're in the same boat, Leslie.
-Thanks, Jeanne! Wish I could take the credit for it.


You did THAT during a nap!!!! I'm envious oh so very *many* reasons. Thanks for sharing ;)


I"m with emily.
And i'm pleased you didn't hate the book.
I really enjoy your blog. Thanks!


Thanks, guys. My girls are good nappers. ;)
RWS--we loooove the book. We had to return it to the library, so I'm going to get Bo her own copy for her birthday.

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