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Susannah @ Art Nest

um, the 'pie' took this post over the top. i've got to do something...i think it's adding more excerise (as in some)

I see you brought back the cupcakes...I love that picture!!


Ha, ha, Susannah. I took a long run today ... and then totally spoiled it by eating everything in sight.
Yes, I'm tinkering again with the look of the blog. I really missed the cupcakes. I changed them because I felt like it was getting stale, but I love that picture too so they're back. I just wish I had more control over these Typepad templates. Or the skills to not have to use a template.


those look so good. i won't make the cakes, because i'll eat them for breakfast. and sorry I watch american idol at that time.


Suna, I was just writing a post with a link to your seed marker project. I love it. Post will be up soon, and by that I mean sometime before harvest.


Um, remember when I said, "Oh no, don't go to any trouble, we don't need anything special" ? I lied. We must. have. these!!



Megan - I will bring you some Flo's clam cakes when I come out. maybe if i wrap them really well I wont stink up the plane!


So your clam cakes left me craving crab cakes which have been on my mind for awhile now anyway. And my youngest now 22 months no longer leaves me the baby pounds excuse either. I will not sacrifice my cravings so I signed up for a marathon. All that training should allow me to drop the last few lbs and give me an open ticket to all my favorites munchies right?


Nis--consider it done! These bad boys will be waiting for you next weekend.
Dena--Mmmmmm ... Flo's ... their fried clams have bigger bellies than Santa Claus.
Emily--Good for you! Are you doing the Portland in the fall? I have a funny story related to that and a blind date I once went on.
I've been running a lot lately, but I know myself well enough to know that I'll never run a marathon. I've done a half before and would like to do that again. Maybe this is the year, powered by devil dogs, of course!

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