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kristine hanson

the book is darling!!! I used those fabric sheets to print off a picture of my daughter meeting her teacher on the first day of school...I made her teacher a quilt for her end of the year present and sewed the picture next to the label, it was a hit!


I love that book...what an awesome idea! Hmmm, maybe that needs to be a summer project for me. (Yes, I will need the whole summer as there is no way that I could make that in the amount of time it took you!) Also, the dinner you made looks yummmmy. Another "must-try." :)

Kim G.

Love Bo's new book! She will treasure it always I'm sure! I identify with not really understanding this whole parenting thing too! Also almost 4 years into it and still just trying to figure it out! I really do think I would like to have a third, but my hands are so full with the two I'm scared of what a third would mean.

Karla W.

Have you thought of using gromets and ribon to bind the book? Then it would be easy to add and change pages.

It turned out supper cute and what a great idea to use regular fabric and the main part of the page. I love using the photo fabric sheets with quilting projects and look forward to giving this one a try.

The Leftoverist

Megan, what a beautiful galette! Really. And I'm laughing about the Cheerios comment. Enjoying your blog, even though I could never make a book like that in my dreams. Okay--maybe I COULD, but it would take me 3 years. Amazing.


Thanks so much, guys. I have to tell you--the book is a HIT with Bo. She can't bear to be away from it, and she "reads" it out loud over and over again (embellishing some of the text based on what she sees in the photos). I highly recommend making one of these for your own kiddo.

Karla--great idea! That would be a perfect solution (and a good excuse to finally buy one of those grommet pokers).
Kim G--I hear ya on baby No. 3. I always thought I'd have three kids, but whoa. I cannot imagine throwing another one into the mix right now. Maybe when Magpie is 5 or so. We'll see.
Kristine--the teacher must have loved that! I'm going to be up late tonight sewing end-of-the-year gifts for Bo's teachers. No time for a quilt, but what a nice idea.
Nis--MK would LOVE the book. Do it!!
Sarah--thanks so much! I'm enjoying your blog, too.


P.S. I'm going to replace the photos with better shots. I was anxious to get that online the other night, but photos never look good (mine anyway) after the sun goes down.

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