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wow! that flag is a great find! and what a great post. thank you for sharing all of that!! <3

kristine hanson

I saw your photos on Sunday morning (from FC) as I was getting ready to go to the show...your pictures were awesome....I think it is great you are so patriotic!! And remind me...you are Canadian right? VERY COOL....you can never go wrong with red, white and blue baby!

d. Sharp

Love it! Embroidered illustrations from my book would be great!


Thanks, guys. I kind of woke up this morning thinking, what in the world did I write last night? Gee whiz, Cooley. This is supposed to be a craft blog.
Nicole, your blog looks beautiful. I need to spend some time there.
Kristine, no I'm not Canadian. I love Canada and grew up 30 minutes from the border, but I'm 100 percent American. Are you thinking of Klay, another Spokane blogger?
Denise, that book is hilarious. Great find.


OMG, i loved that giant soapbox megan! your sweetness is eclipsed only by your incredible integrity. dang it about that little blue cupboard i had. L-O-V-E you.


Thanks so much, Celeste. How lucky am I to have a cheerleader as kind as you?
Your big event is next! Can't wait!

kristine hanson

Megan, who knows what I was thinking....probably lost my marbles...love your blog


Thanks so much, Kristine. :)


I have totally been thinking bonnets lately...I might give this pattern a whirl. Thanks.


Emily, it is the best bonnet pattern ever. Not too poofy, but still very sweet. I've made at least 10 of them but can't seem to find a photo right now. Go to Amy Karol's Flickr group and you can see some examples:


I love to see our stuff on your site. and I do love that poster, I just bought double of my baking pans, so sharing is in my future.

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