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The Leftoverist

I think Spokane MUST be a hotbed, because I don't hear about these kinds of things in Seattle (though I"m too busy sweating over the stove to notice, probably.) Such beautiful photos.

Kim G.

You are one lucky girl to have so many great shows in your area! This one looks like another winner!

Ari Rooney

Megan, THANK YOU so much for putting pics of Buttercuppity up! It was so nice to meet you and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lolo dress. And the hair!

Um, it's kind of embarassing how excited I am that Buttercuppity is in your blog. :) -Ari

gladys hanning

Hi Megan! Thanks for stopping by and taking pics of our booth..so very sweet of you! It was great to meet you, I wish my daughter/partner, Celia could have meet you..she of course was shopping..so many cute treasures to be purchased!! Hope you can make it to The Mad Hatter Vintage Flea Market in October.XOXO Glad & Celia/Junebugfurnitureanddesign


You're so funny, Ari. Thanks so much. It was GREAT to meet you, too. Loved your stuff. So happy and bright.
Gladys, I put the Mad Hatter on my calendar! See you then!
I went to yet another great show just outside Spokane today--the Two Women Barn Bazaar. Beautiful bluegrass music. Yummy food. And more treasure hunting. All set against a beautiful rural backdrop. Yes, there were barns.


found your website when looking for sling type display bookshelves... love yours! can't wait to go find some cute fabric for the kids playroom.
and just fyi, most slings can hold up to about 30 pounds - depending on the sling, but the mei tei that i bought from kozy carrier can hold a TON! i can still carry my 40 pound 4 year old (not that i want to) and the creater of the kozy is about 110 pounds and she has gotten in it (her husband carried her), just to prove that her slings are TOUGH!


The thought of the woman being carried by her husband is cracking me up, Valerie. A friend and I often say when we're tired that we wish the Jolly Green Giant would carry us around in a Bjorn.
Thanks so much for the info. Our daughter is very independent and I don't see any need to wear her at this point, but there are times when it would be so convenient to just strap her onto me like I used to be able to.
Send me photos if you make the book sling! I'd love to post them here.

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