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I'd love the idea of mommy badges if you'd call them parenting badges instead. Dads deal with tantrums and vomit and explosive poop, too.

I think wine totes are much better than aprons. The teachers probably already have 100 aprons. (As a teacher, I'm actually not a fan of homemade gifts for teachers, but if that's your thing, at least make them unique.)


Someone already makes a set: http://www.mamameritbadges.com/. I think it's so cool though. I wasn't a camp fire girl long enough to get any badges, but I've always wanted them.


I love these little wine bags...great idea for teacher's gifts...i am a teacher of grade 4 and 5...i get mugs..mugs..and more mugs..so i know the teachers will really appreciate the orginality on your part...hope your little sweetpea is up and adam soon...


I love the wine bags and you hit it right on when you said a preschool teacher needs a bottle of wine after 9 months with preschoolers!! I think most teachers who are warm and fuzzy love homemade gifts - they are not only original but they have been made with love for sure. And to comment on the post below, I am a preschool teacher and I don't have a single apron! :)

Lorie Hutson

Must... have...bird...wine...bottle tote.
Are you selling those on etsy? Please don't say I'll have to sew. I can do it, I swear. It's just that there always seems to be more important things to do.
I hope you're well, Megan. I love the blog. It makes me wish I were crafty.
Oh, and I'd love some of those merit badges, too:)


Dena, you don't have an apron?? I need to rectify that!
Thanks for the nice words, guys. Can't say that I'm going to stop giving handmade gifts anytime soon. It's kind of my schtick (hence the craft blog). When I don't know if someone is part of the whole handmade movement or not, I try to pair my gift with something else, like the wine bottles. Part of the reason I make gifts more often than buying them, though, is to teach the girls that sometimes we don't have to look further than our own two hands to create something special for someone.
Lorie, I hadn't planned to but now you've got me thinking. I'd have to change the design a bit (I have some ideas for that brewing already). I'll keep you posted.


Oh, I almost forgot! Shannon, those badges are awesome. I was totally kidding about making them, but am not at all surprised that someone is actually doing it. Too funny.

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