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red.neck Chic

Oh - it is especially cute and fun WITHOUT the Disney!!! You did a WONDERFUL job!!! I know she had lots and lots of fun!!!

:-) robelyn

Carolyn L.

Ya know, if this whole writing/blogging thing doesn't work out, I see a party planning business in your future. What fun!

The Leftoverist

Ditto the party planning comment. What are you going to do for her 16 birthday?! I'm never letting my kids see photos of this party or they will doubt my love for them. You are amazing.


You guys are funny. Don't tempt me on the party planning career. That sounds like fun. I will add it to my long list of future careers for myself, my favorite of which is running a downtown food cart.

And, seriously, the party was very simple. No organized games or anything (unless a pinata that was struck down in three blows counts). We really threw it together in just a few days.

Sarah--I have a feeling she'll want nothing to do with me when she's 16, so I'm having the fun while I can!! Speaking of careers, when are you and your sister going to write/illustrate a cookbook together?

Thanks, Robelyn. The Disney stuff makes me want to gag. That company knows what it's doing, though. Bo is really drawn to the images of the Disney princesses whenever she sees them. Kind of like how I'm drawn to the leftover cupcakes every time I open the fridge this morning ...


Adorable, Meegs...really all of it was so sweet. MK is sitting next to me enjoying the photos, too. She wanted to know "how many is Boston now?" and was excited to discover that they are now the same age. Our sweet girls!


when I went to post my comment part of the captcha was "yum". Fitting for a birthday party with cupcakes, no?!

kristine hanson



When you think about it, the princess thing is much better at 4 than 20 or 30 or 40!

Also, in addition to party planning you could easily be a costume designer, so many careers to choose from :)


Cute, Nis. Give that kid a smoocheroo from me. Hey, I'm planning on being in Portland in October sometime. Whenever the Run Like Hell half marathon is. Not that I'm doing the half marathon. Probably the 10K. But maybe the half ... we'll see.

Klay, that is a great compliment coming from you, the costume designer extraordinaire. That must have been an amazing job. You'll have to tell me all the details sometime.
And as for being a princess at 20 or 30 or 40--yes! You're right! But I think that's our fear. If the seed gets planted now, will we have a diva on our hands down the road? Probably not, but yikes just thinking about it.

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