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Thanks for the tute. and your garden is making me green with envey. Nice Job. Oh and I love the book binding too.

Randi Dickinson

Yum-o on the butternut squash ravioli! My favorite. Your garden looks amazing. Sadly mine did poorly this year and we plan on building raised beds next year for ours.


Those bags are awesome!!! I love how you have reused the snaps for baby clothes, what a great idea...

Your garden is looking amazing, fingers crossed my up and coming spring/summer garden produces as much as your lovely one has...

Take Care :)


I love the bags...great idea! Also, fun new redesign of the blogorama! :)



'Dark green' - I reckon it will catch on!

Carolyn L.

The new look looks great, Megan!

The Leftoverist

I will definitely not be making any dark green bags since I can't sew worth a %$, but if any of your wonderful readers want to make me some, I would love them to death :)

And what a bountiful garden!


We just discovered your blog, we love the reusable sandwich bags. Do you mind if we share it on our blog? Also, can't wait to see how the pumpkin between the slats turns out!

Linda & Dixie
The Funky Junk Sisters


Thanks so much, everyone.

Our garden has been fizzling out a bit on us for the last week or so. Something with a pointy beak seems to be attacking our butternut squash and the zucchini isn't as bountiful as in past years. I might need a refresher course next spring.

Oh and the between-the-slats pumpkin's life came to an abrupt end. It just sort of shriveled up one night. So much for my attempt at hands-on science lessons in the garden.

The sandwich baggies are getting lots of use already. In fact, Bo gets upset with me if I use tupperware instead. I try to explain to her that leftover spaghetti just won't do well in a fabric satchel, but she isn't buying it.

Thanks about the redesign, too. It actually was an accident, but it feels cleaner to me so I'm sticking with it for now. That's another class I need to take: web design!!!

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