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love, love the music ideas!! so cool. what a great way to get them interested in music. i don't have any better idea. i like the basket full of different musical instrument ideas & actually having a music time. i'll have to remember that :) for now i sing to LG when i can & on car rides to & from daycare :) & have been looking online for song idea's as i get bored with old mcdonald over & over :) ha!!

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We also don't have the skills with regards to music. I believe that if the kids have the talent it will come out naturally.
What we do is get them involved in physical activities, whether the outdoors or dance class. Dad is in charge of them while I'm in charge of the dinner. ^_^


Look for Ella Jenkins' music at your local library - she's really wonderful. She does much of the same work with music (different tempos and beats, call and response, introducing new languages, etc) as they do in Music Together class and my son loves her cds as much as the MT cds.

I also love Elizabeth Mitchell and her other two albums are just as good. I found those at my local library too!

Good luck and I love your blog so thanks for the time that goes into that!


Thanks for the tips, guys. Grace, I'll definitely look up Ella Jenkins and I MUST get Elizabeth Mitchell's other stuff. I adore her music. Check her out, Apryl. The songs are sweet and easy to sing along to in the car.
Baby Gifts, a friend of mine who teaches music to kids told me it doesn't matter if we can carry a tune or not. She said sing to your heart's content and the kids will benefit from it.


you might like this post I did...


freeze dance is always fun. play music, stop it and freeze, start music again....

If you want some fun crazy dance songs -- try Jungle Drum by Emiliana Torini and Great DJ by the Ting tings -- my kids LOVE these.

A great album is Big, Big World by Renee and Jeremy (that one is geared for little ones and is softer. Also, Innocence Mission's Now the Day is Over. We LOVE the Innocence Mission around here.

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