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Ah, I've read your latest post so I can now go to bed.

PS - I'm partial to the circus idea



Oh, how nice! Now I can go to bed, too.
P.S. Cute cake!!


that is a GREAT quote, Mimi. I struggle, especially with having an only child, with the patience vs. immediate attention issue. Problem to be solved versus person to love, however, puts it into a whole new light. Thanks for that one!!

Love you, hope to see you next weekend!!



Love those invitations, have fun deciding which route to go.


I hear you on the writing front. My deadlines tend to be a bit blurry which is good and bad in the sense that I can procrastinate and I do. Ahhh...then stories sit on my shoulders dragging me down until I hit that send button. And yes, this brings about the pot scrubbing mad woman in me. But I procrastinate on that too. Grrrr...


Just saw a cute party idea (although not a theme) that a HS friend did for her little girl... she frosted cupcakes in her daughter's favorite colors, pink and yellow, then had a ton of cute little decorations that each kid could put on themselves. Sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, etc etc. Kind of like Coldstone but on cupcakes instead. It was cute to display and the kids had a great time!

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