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I love your book slings, saw Finn's earlier this morning. I plan on making one for my girl's bedroom soon, just as soon as I have a spare minute. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Julia Ruddell

Ahh, I know what you mean about the rain! It's raining here in the high desert, well, snowing now! I lived in the valley (western Oregon) before moving to Bend(central Oregon). It rained alot and I loved it! It's supposed to rain in the PNW, it's romantic. I called the kids that lived next door "the moldy kids", rain never stoped them from hanging outdoors. Rain boots are cool and umbrellas are just a pain! Enjoy the grey! Cool paper pumpkins!


I love that rain! It's one of the things that makes the PNW one of my favorite places in the world.

I just found your blog via a link on Sew Liberated to your book sling. It's fantastic! I would love to link to it if you didn't mind.


I love the part in Say Anything with Lloyd and his sister (joan) where he's complaining that she used to be fun. He tells here just to get in a good mood " how hard is it to just get in a good mood?" - her response "gee it's easy" in a very sarcastic tone. This movie kind of guided me through my twenties. I'm sort of disappointed in John Cusack these days. He'll always be that boy from Say Anything. It's funny how the weather makes such and impact. The "new" weather here is so weird to me. It feels strange not getting all bundled up to go out into the crisp autumn air. There are flowers blooming here! Happy crafting Megan - I think I'll make a book sling for Emmett's new room.


This cake made me think of you - it just seems like something you would come up with and I thought, oh Meggan would love that!



Thanks, guys!
Welcome, Rachel and Jennifer. Good to have you here.
Julia--I totally agree about umbrellas. I think they're pretty, but what a pain to have to carry one. Wet hair dries eventually.
That said, I bought the girls rainbow umbrellas when we were in Portland a couple weeks ago because it was pouring down rain and we were going to a football game. As I walked down Northwest 23rd using one of their umbrellas, I got a ton of compliments from passersby. I liked using a small (kid-sized) umbrella, I think. Or I liked getting compliments. One or the other.
I miss you, Klay! We had snow here today. Jealous?
Stacey--I've seen the tutorial for that cake ... somewhere! Oh my goodness, I'm going crazy now because I can't remember where. Anyhow, I loved it when I saw it. Totally me. That's so great you thought of me when you saw it. Oh, how I wish I were a little wood sprite living in a frosting hut.

Julia Ruddell

Hey Megan,

Have you checked out the Patty Young Flora and Fauna line? She has a really pretty hummingbird print.

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