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sarah vine

You're so on the right track! Adorable. I like the little red riding hood style, although an elf hat would be terribly cute, so that's a hard one. I'm not a fan of pompoms; ribbon trim GREAT. (Although that's just me.)


Thanks, Sarah! I'm actually not big on pom-poms either, so thanks for that feedback. I did some searching for other ponchos out there and I must say a lot of them are pretty hideous. The possibilities for cute are endless, though. You could even make corduroy or velvet (cute velvet) ponchos in a solid color with a funky flannel lining. Hmm ...


That poncho is adorable, and anything that's easier to get on a squirmy toddler is good in my book.


What a gorgeous post!!!! You are such an inspiring Mum, thank you...

Take Care


SUPER CUTE! how about a pocket on the inside for loot or for keeping little hands warm?


I just thought of the same thing tonight, Julia! A pocket on the lining side to keep hands toasty.

Thanks for the kind words, guys. Jodie, that's so nice of you to call me inspiring, but I'm far, far, far from perfect. I do my best, but sometimes I make so many mistakes I wonder how we're all still in one piece.


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