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Julia Ruddell

Hey Meg,

Where did you find the cork board? I have a large frame sitting out in my garage that I was going to try to cork and cover for Milo and Charlie's art work. I'm having trouble finding board.



Great question, Julia! I looked all over for plain cork board that was thick enough to work for this project. On the day of the demo I tried using an acoustical ceiling tile as a replacement, but I wouldn't recommend that at all.
I finally resorted to taking apart an old cork board I had sitting in my basement. It was the kind of thing you buy at an office supply store with a frame around it. I had to saw some of the cork off to make it fit the frame perfectly.
If anyone knows a source for plain old cork board--tell me, too!!! When I was a kid I had a whole wall of cork in my bedroom that I covered with pictures from high school dances, notes from friends, etc. I've tried to find something similar at home improvement stores but no luck.

gladys hanning

Hi Megan!
Love the cork board! We have found cork board in squares and sheets at Staples, very easy to put into frames.
Thanks for the comment. XO Glad & Cel/Junebug


Well, you know how we sort of live the same life at times...here's proof. All week long I have been keeping an eye out for a fun, second hand frame to do this very thing. I have the perfect place and am in desperate need of having a place to tack things up.

Great frame too by the way!

Carolyn L.

Speaking of "cheerful," have you seen the new Amy Butler Love line? Some of those patterns would look fantastic with your frame ...

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